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Starting out as a driver you quickly learn what you like and what you don’t. There is often a lack of choice in what you drive at first. You make do with what you have. We learned quickly that this is not the best way to build a brand. You are merely making do with what you are given. When transitioning from driving to owning there are a lot of things to consider. We’ve been there. Buying the first truck or car is an adventure if you are all on your own. At first you would think, buy the cheapest truck that runs, and that’s not entirely wrong. However, it’s not always the wisest thing considering how many miles we put on our vehicles each week.   


When buying the least expensive option you have to understand what that truck has already been doing week after week. The most expensive option may seem better but is often out of reach to the trucker just venturing out on their own. Here at RC Auto Sales, LLC we started out the same as the average driver. Learning the ropes driving from larger companies for experience and moving to the smaller carriers for the pay boost gave us the industry know how and knowledge to be the successful auto brokers that we are today.  "Buying the first truck was a nightmare but we kept going finding success through trial and error... and we are here to be of service to you, with good advice, so you won't make the same mistakes that we did."